Cleaning a beach changes a person, we can no longer be detached from the ​outcomes of our actions ​and choices “

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Plastic Free Island (Island Sans Plastic) examines the mobilization of an entire island in Greece to address its plastic pollution problem. Five years in the making, this film documents the synergy of two artist-directed networks, Drifters Project and Plastic Pollution Coalition in the development of a template of social and artistic engagement of the island of Kefalonia, Greece.

With an international team of 30+ students and hundreds of citizens of the island, beaches are cleaned, plastic is typed and sorted and artwork is created. As a model for reinventing at-risk island communities, Plastic Free Island works to create a template for a sustainable future, one island at a time.

Awards and Screenings:

  • Finalist, Documentary Shorts, BLUE Ocean Film Festival, Monaco 2015
  • Finalist, Emerging Filmmaker, BLUE Ocean Film Festival, Monaco 2015
  • Finalist, Ocean Protection Award, Cinemare International Ocean Film Festival, Kiel, Germany 2016
  • Honorable Mention, Cinemare International Ocean Film Festival, Kiel, Germany 2016
  • Documentary Shorts, GreenMe Film Festival, Berlin, Germany, 2016
  • Bronze Award – Short Films, Spotlight Film Awards 2016
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Drifter’s Project methodology is to approach the sites as a forensic scientist, examining and documenting the deposition as it lay, collecting and identifying the evidence of the crime of plastic pollution.

Plastic Pollution Coalition’s proven methods of social engagement and replacement ideas for single-use disposable plastic are put into gear all over the island~



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