​Plastic objects are the cultural archeology of our time. They are a portrait of global late-capitalist consumer society, mirroring our desires, wishes, hubris and ingenuity. These are objects with unintended consequences.

In an ongoing collaboration with the Ionion Center for Art and Culture, Drifters Project has been cleaning beaches and sea caves all around the incredible island of Kefalonia. Drifter’s Project methodology is to approach the sites as a forensic scientist, examining and documenting the deposition as it lay, collecting and identifying the evidence of the crime.

  • In 2011, we collaborated with a sea turtle rescue project
  • In 2012, we cleaned a giant sea cave and made a short film
  • 2013 was a collaboration between Drifters and Greek archaeologic project A.Sho.Re. and we made 2 more short films.
  • 2014 announces the collaboration with Plastic Pollution Coalition!! We will be creating a template of social and artistic engagement with an international team of 40 students from Greece, Australia and the US.

We begin on one island, removing plastic pollution, making art, and engaging the local community. Help us create the template for a sustainable future, one island at a time.